Ass-Blasters are aerial predators and the final stage in the graboid lifecycle.


After a shrieker molts, the ass-blaster emerges; it flies as far as it can to lay a single graboid egg. Some have theorized that they all fly to a single location and lay their eggs communally like sea turtles. Like shriekers they hunt by sensing heat, but unlike shriekers they lapse into a "food coma" when they eat too much, instead of reproducing.

Ass-Blasters fly by mixing two chemicals in a hollow chamber, located at the rear of the body (hence the name). Once in the air they glide with the aid of three fin-like appendages instead of flying in the traditional sense.

These creatures are fairly intelligent, in one case known to use their flame to melt a reinforced metal door. They hunt like birds of prey, using a wider thermal sensing organ to scan the ground for heat signatures. They still attack inorganic heat sources, just like shriekers.