Buffalo Yak
 Ice Domestic 
Sapience level Non-sapient
Average height 6-7 ft. (estimate)
Diet Herbivore
Nature Docile
Population status Common
Danger rating Medium threat

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The Buffalo Yak is native to the North Pole of its world and is an extremely useful animal to the people of the Northern Water Tribe.

Buffalo Yaks are large, gray and white animals that has four muscular legs that end in hooves. Its head is crowned with a pair of horns that emerge sideways from the forehead and then curve backward. The creature's body ends in a small, furry tail. Its shaggy fur or hair is gray on its back while white in a patch around its eyes, on its neck and its underbelly. Bred for many years as a domestic animal, this docile creature is alot like our version of a horse, used for transportation and to carry supplies. Because it can survive even in the coldest temperatures, the Buffalo Yak is the perfect animal to take on long hunting trips into the frozen tundra.