Sapience level Non-sapient
Average height 5-6 ft. (estimate)
Diet Carnivore
Danger rating Significant threat

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Byakhee are strange predators capable of traveling through the vacuum of space.

Anatomy and appearanceEdit

A Byakhee can be described as a combination of a bat, bird, and insect; a vaguely humanoid creature with an insectoid, segmented body, membranous batlike wings, and taloned birdlike legs.

Byakhee are interstellar predators that travel the vacuum of space by means of an organ called a "hune". This organ, located in the thorax of the creature, allows the creature to greatly surpass the speed of light by unknown means. The "hune" also allows them to hover on a planet's surface, using their wings for movement. The creature can also survive the interstellar vaccuum unaided. When travelling beyond the speed of light, the creature's metabolism is greatly increased.

While on the earth's surface, Byakhee can fly at speeds up to 70 kph.

Behavior Edit

It is possible to ride byakhees; if one had the means by which to survive the myriad threats space presents, than one could theoretically ride a Byakhee to anywhere in the cosmos.

When descending to the surface of any given planet, it is usually to feed; it is best avoided.