Elder Thing
 Deep sea 
Sapience level Sapient
Average height 6 ft. tall
Diet Mostly carnivorous, though can feed on all substances
Population status Critically endangered

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Elder Things (also known as the Old Ones or Elder Ones) are sapient, radially symmetrical, and nearly invincible.


"The toughness of the things was almost incredible. Even the terrific pressure of the deepest sea bottoms appeared powerless to harm them. Very few seemed to die at all except for violence, and their burial places were very limited." - H.P. Lovecraft

Elder Things are incredibly strange creatures, sharing characteristics of animals and vegetables alike. They are able to enter a peculiar state of preservation that allows them to survive extreme temperature fluctuations, vaccuum, and any need to eat or breath. These beings have five of everything; eyes, mouths, wings, etc.

Their metabolism is based on carbon dioxide instead of oxygen; their circulatory fluid is dark green in color. The nervous system of the Elder Things is quite complex, with five-lobed brains and many ganglial centers. The prismatic cilia on top of the creatures head suggest that they have senses other than sight, smell, touch, hearing, and taste. Elder Things reproduce through spores. It can derive nourishment from inorganic substances, but prefers to feed on organic life.

History on earthEdit

Arriving on earth over a billion years ago, the Elder Thing civilization prospered for millions of years. In ancient times their civilization was spread all over the earth, but now is limited to the deepest parts of the ocean. These beings are actually responsible for the development of all life on earth, primarily for food.

The culture of the Elder Things was highly developed. Their art is best manifested in their bas-reliefs, which depicted their history and lives in stunning detail. Their architecture often imitated their five-pointed anatomy, and this same pattern can be found in their writing and currency. They appeared to be atheist as a species, although they revered the DNA heliix as the source of all life.

During their "Golden Age" on earth, they fought wars with many species, including mi-go, Cthulhi, and the Great Race of Yith. They also experienced a violent rebellion of their shoggoth servants, which they brutally put down. Though they often triumphed, these conflicts often had heavy casualties; eventually, they abandoned most of their cities, although their art remained.


Their is some evidence that suggests the Elder Things created humanity for their psychic potential, which will be harvested in the near future.