Ethereal Marauder
Sapience level Non-sapient
Average height 4 ft.
Average length 7 ft
Diet Carnivore
Danger rating Extreme threat

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Ethereal marauders are magical beasts with muscular, velociraptor-like bodies that are bluish-violet in color, with darker markings along the spine.


An ethereal marauder stands about 4 feet tall, but its overall length is about 7 feet. It weighs about 200 pounds. Ethereal marauders have a barbed tail, and feet with thick claws. The ethereal marauder's head is triangular, extending from the body into a large, triangular mouth with a single, hook-like claw at each point and rows of teeth going back down the throat also going down each point. Ethereal marauders speak no known languages. Survivors of their attacks on the Material Plane claim that they emit an eerie, high whine that varies in pitch depending on the creature’s speed and health.

Like the ethereal filcher and phase spider, the ethereal marauder is an expert at traveling between the Ethereal Plane and the Material Plane. Unlike the filcher, whose purpose for doing this is to steal, the marauder is more like the spider and does it for the purpose of hunting. It looks in the ethereal plane for a place where it suspects a victim will be, and then goes to the material plane, hoping to catch its prey unaware. It bites them, kills them, and then shifts back to the ethereal plane. Due to its fearsome mouth and raptor-like body, it is somewhat better at this than the phase spider. If an ethereal marauder is injured, it prefers to teleport back to the ethereal plane rather than put up a fight.