Left to right: Crested, Horned and Spitting Felldrake
Sapience level Sapient
Average height Varies by subspecies
Diet Carnivore
Nature Aggressive, loyal
Subspecies Crested, Horned, Spitting, Spiked

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Felldrakes are small, wingless dragons that are all descendants of the Platinum Dragon Bahamut.

The felldrakes trace their origin to Bahamut the Platinum Dragon. After helping a group of powerful elf wizards turn back a demonic invasion, Bahamut created the felldrakes to guard the elves against future incursions.

Anatomy and appearance Edit

Although felldrakes vary widely in physiology, they do posses a common set of traits. They are all reptilian in appearance, all subspecies have four limbs, and all display spines or horn-like protrusions. They are immune to sleep and paralysis effects, such as poison, and have very good nightvision.

Behavior Edit

All felldrakes have the blood of Bahamut in their veins and are fierce, loyal, and good at heart. Felldrakes are impulsive attackers, aggressive and eager to fight; they seek to close with opponents immediatley. Felldrakes speak Draconic and Sylvan.


Crested FelldrakeEdit

Elves often employ crested felldrakes as guards for settlements and in border patrols. The look like small, wingless dragons with powerful hind legs and a bright crest on their heads. When crested felldrakes fight in a group some charge into battle and try to pin down the enemy, while their comrades move to encircle the foe.

Horned FelldrakeEdit

Horned felldrakes are often used to protect important individuals and cities. They are larger than most other felldrakes, and their heads sport several horns which they use to impale foes. Horned felldrakes prefer to start combat by charging at their opponents.

Spiked FelldrakeEdit

Spiked felldrake

Spiked Felldrake

Of the many kinds of felldrakes, few are as powerful as the spiked felldrake. Its size and strength place it in the front line of important battles, and some mighty knights or paladins employ them as mounts. They can stand up to terrible punishment while dealing plenty of their own with sworlike claws. The spikes on their tails aren't just for show; it can project them in hail of deadly fire at approaching enemies. With its scent and vision abilities, a spiked felldrake can root out even hidden enemies reliably.

Spitting FelldrakeEdit

Because of its snaky body,a spitting felldrake can squeeze through small spaces. Thus, it is useful for underground expeditions so contrary to elven nature. It is slightly larger than the crested felldrake. Its body is long and sinuous, like that of a snake. It can spit acid up to 30 ft.