The Lionzard is a genetic chimera designed by scientists at an animal testing facility.

Anatomy and appearance Edit

The DNA of many creatures was used to create the Lionzard, including that of tigers, gila monsters, bats, wasps, and perhaps even unknown cephalapods and rattlesnakes. It reproduces by attacking creatures and impregnating them with dozens of small, grub-like larvae. Once they hatch inside a creature, they will devour it from the inside out. These larvae cry out in ultrasonic frequencies which the parent can detect. If the host creature is injected with the blood of the hybrid creature, the larvae will stop feeding, thinking their host is their parent, and will quickly starve to death. Full incubation takes about 24 hours. Although strong, it is not invulnerable, and was later shot to death with incindiary rounds.

Behaviour Edit

It was released from its' holding pen by a group of animal rights activists, whom it later killed. The creature was strong enough to chase down and flip over a car. Sometimes before it attacks the creature will shake a rattle at the end of its' tail. The creature prefers dark and wet enviroments, such as a sewer.