Sapience level Sapient
Average height 100 ft. (estimate)
Diet Fungivore (presumed)
Social unit Hivemind
Population status Common
Danger rating Extreme threat

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Ohmu are enormous slug-like crustaceans native to the Toxic Jungle, a near global forest of fungi and giant insects.


Ohmu protect the Toxic Jungle, violently pursuing anyone that harms it or the creatures that live there. They can become so enraged that they can destroy entire cities when travelling in groups. When this happens, their eyes turn red with rage. They also spread the spores of the fungal plants, making the Jungle larger. Their exoskeleton is very durable, stronger than the toughest of ceramics. Ohmu are a hivemind, and can even communicate with some individuals. Their mouthparts contain several small, golden tentacles that they use to communicate and heal others.