Sapience level Sapient
Average height 5-7 ft. (estimate)
Location / range Saturnyne (planet)
Diet Carnivore
Danger rating Significant threat

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The Saturnynians were an aquatic species from the planet Saturnyne.

Anatomy and appearanceEdit

The Saturnynians were a mix of humanoid, fish and crustacean traits. They had a humanoid upper body, a fishlike head with sharp teeth and a lobster-like lower body. On their abdomen, they had 4 legs and 2 smaller clawed limbs. On their thorax, they had 2 arms and 4 smaller clawed limbs. These legs were tipped with sharp points, allowing them to tear through their prey. They were covered in scales, which would flatten out to minimize drag in water and would be moulted regularly.

Though they could survive on land, they needed a large amount of water to survive, which they could drain from other creatures. They also had a strong sensitivity to ultraviolet light, being repelled by smaller amounts and being incinerated by large amounts. Saturnyians were also capable of controlling the weather, causing storms and earthquakes.

Relationship with other speciesEdit

When on Earth, the Saturnynians used a variation on perception filter technology to disguise themselves. Though it gave them the appearance of humans, it accidentally gave them vampire-like qualities. Since the technology couldn't hide reflections, and the human brain couldn't process the two conflicting pieces of information, they had no reflections in mirrors and other surfaces. Their fangs would also be seen when they fed due to the human subconscious perceiving danger and attempting to alert the conscious mind. The Saturnynians were also capable of converting humans into Saturnynians by draining them of their blood and replacing it with Saturnynian blood.