Slake Moth
 Spirit-realm Urban 
Sapience level Semi-sapient
Average height 5-6 ft. (estimate)
Location / range Fractured Lands
Diet Psychovore (Devours mind of sapient beings)
Population status Unknown
Danger rating Extreme threat

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Slake moths are creatures that exist in multiple dimensions at once and feed on the minds of sapient beings.


Like normal moths, slake moths begin their lives as larvae. These grub-like creatures are fed a substace called "dreamshit", which is produced from digested minds by the adults. In humans dreamshit produces powerful hallucinations. Once it has eaten enough the grub will enter a cocoon and begin its' metamorphisis into an adult.


Slake moths are large, insectoid creatures with a multitude of oddly shaped limbs. They have a pair of strange wings that they use to mesmerize their victims. Slake moths are hermaphrodites, and even a small population can quickly escalate into a plague.


Adults fly around, searching for the psychic emanations of a self-aware mind; once it detects these emanations, it will mesmerize the victim with transforming patterns on the wings. It then extends a slimy tongue into the mouth or other orifices of the victim, into the brain, and suck out the mind.