Felynx arbordiffisus/Quillis transmorgifa
Sapience level Non-sapient
Average height 2-4 ft. (estimate)
Diet Nectarivore
Danger rating Significant threat

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The splintercat is a legendary fictional animal of the United States.

The splintercat is a nocturnal feline animal of great ferocity. It charges with terrific speed and when it hits a large tree, it knocks the branches off, withers the trunk and leaves it standing like a silvery ghost. These dead snags can be seen in many parts of the Pacific Northwest. The splinter cat performs this feat that it is named after to expose sap and honey from beehives to eat. However, the act of breaking open trees with its head leaves it with a constant headache, which causes it always to be in a foul mood. Accordingly, one is advised to never approach a splintercat.

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