Tusk Cat
 Grassland Domestic 
Sapience level Non-sapient
Average height 9 ft.
Location / range Naboo
Diet Carnivore
Population status Common
Danger rating Significant threat

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The tusk cat is a fawn-colored feline predator found on the world of Naboo and its moon Rori.

Despite their predatory nature, tusk cats can be tamed for a variety of uses, notably as mounts. Tusk cat riders are employed as shepherds for various livestock, including shaak. Tusk cats also served as military patrol vehicles for the Naboo military, recreational attractions, and ceremonial beasts with royalty. When outfitting a tusk cat mount, the traditional bridle is abandoned in favor of a harness attached to the tusks.

Tusk cats were among many creatures moved off-planet as pets following The Battle of Naboo due to the growing demand for Naboo pets among spacers.

Anatomy and appearance Edit

Tusk Cats are large feline predators with a large pair of distinct tusks growing from their lower jaws. This puts them at morphological odds with many tusked animals which often featured tusks growing from the upper jaw. A second, less-noticeable pair of tusk-like fleshy appendages grows from their cheekbones. Tusk cats are covered in fur that could range from browns to almost red.

They seem to share some features with ungulates, with toes ending in hoof-like appendages. Some smaller subspecies feature more claw-like digits as well as variations on the number of tusk-like facial wattles. Their tails are long and muscular, ending in a leaf-shaped spur. They appear similar to the larger Naboo predator known as the Narglatch.


Tusk cats are carnivorous and prey upon smaller animals native to Naboo. Their tusks are used as both offensive hunting weapons as well as for defense. Though they are aggressive predators, they can be domesticated and even ridden.