Unicorn / Monoceros
Origin: European folklore, Mythology, Popular culture — Classification: Equine, Magical — Sapience level: Non-sapient


  • Equine: Traditionally described as a donkey or horse-like animal, but might have features of a goat, deer or antelope as well
  • Ranges from the size of a goat to that of a large horse
  • Hooves likewise vary, and may resemble those of a horse, goat or deer
  • Long conical horn on its head constitutes its most recognizable feature and gives the animal its name
  • Long tail resembling that of a lion
  • Covered in short fur, most commonly white in coloration
    • In ancient Greek descriptions, its body is white, but its head is red, and its horn has white, black and red stripes (possibly an example of aposematism, due to its formidable and violent nature)
  • Often has a goat-like beard on its chin
  • Generally regarded as beautiful

Biological traitsEdit

  • Magical: Its horn is made of a substance known as alicorn, which can heal and confer immunity to toxins
    • Those who drink from an alicorn-made cup cannot be poisoned
  • Its flesh has such a bitter taste as to be considered inedible



  • Herbivore
  • Hostile: Traditionally, the Unicorn is known for its extremely violent behaviour, as it murderously charges towards victims to impale them with its horn. Capturing one is practically impossible
    • However, being in the presence of a virgin maid soothes it and it becomes docile


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