Desert Grassland 
Sapience level Semi-sapient
Average height 7 ft.
Diet Carnivore
Social unit Pack

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Varags, also known as blood chasers, are goblin-related creatures that are faster, stronger, and more primitive than their kin.

Varags are vicious creatures, capable of taking opponents by surprise or by direct confrontation. They work as mercenaries for hobgoblin warbands, and are proficient with all martial weapons. Like wolves, varags form hunting packs, with a talented leader typically directing the hunt. They are capable of great stealth and seek to catch their prey unaware whenever possible. They initiate combat from afar, using their superior speed to great advantage.

Anatomy and appearanceEdit

These humanoids stand close to 7 feet tall when upright, but prefer to move and run on all fours. Varags have hunched postures, double-jointed hind legs, and thick sinewy skin. They bear a slight resemblance to a hairy and ferocious hobgoblin, but have a more primitive countenance and two curving horns that sweep away from their skulls. They are less intelligent than other goblin-related creatures.

They require three times the amount of food that similar sized creature would need, in order to maintain their great speed and stamina. Those that don't recive enough food spend most of their sleeping in order to conserve energy.

Behavior and intelligenceEdit

In the wild, varags alternate between long periods of rest and brief, bloody spurts of violence. A pack might slowly cross a stretch of uninhabited wasteland until it nears a human settlement, then attack with murderous glee. Varags are easy to track by the devastation they leave in their wake.

Varags rely more on their sense of smell to track enemies than on sight or hearing. Feral and chaotic, they hate fighting in close formation. They are naturally attracted to fleeing opponents and eagerly run them down, even at personal risk. When faced with a superior opponent they will employ hit-and-run tactics; by the time their enemies ready a counterattack, the varags are long gone.

Varags can understand speech, but can barely speak. Their primitive physiology makes forming complex words difficult, while their low intellects leave them unable to learn much. Many varags lack language altogether, communicating amongst themselves with shrieks, howls, and hand gestures.

Female varags gestate for 5-6 months before giving birth to 2-3 children. A varag grows up quickly and is considered an adult by the age of 8. Mothers care for them for half this time. By the age of 1 they consume the same amount of food as an adult hobgoblin. Allowing males and females to interact is dangerous, as they mate often. Food requirements, quick maturation, aggressiveness, and high breeding rates can combine to quickly form a disasterous situation.